Asset Administration

With the expanding bankruptcy and foreclosure markets, the solutions and expert services provided by Hongta Securities have become increasingly vital to many enterprises.

To cope with today’s stringent procedures pertaining to financial documentation and disclosures, clients turn to Hongta Securities for impartial and professional asset administration services.

With the expanding product line to match the varying market requirements and demand as well as problems and arrangements in connection with equity placements and management getting more and more challenging, companies are considering it all the more necessary to regulate, monitor and calibrate the essential business operations. Our strongly focused and practicable approach determines why such solutions are often required at the earliest phase and when the preferred formations are being set.

Such scenario necessitates a more functional contribution for Hongta Securities, playing a significant part in the development phase of many administrative formations. As it has become critical to strategic investments, asset administration includes provisions for augmented auxiliary enterprise functions, such as productivity monitoring and documentation and credit analysis, determining safety nets and compliance with regulatory agencies.

While asset administration conventionally has been provided by specialist third parties, recently, clients require Hongta Securities to take on fundamental business operational engagements such as portfolio accounting, stakeholder servicing, compliance and documentation.

Our asset administration services include:

  • Support for addressing regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Aid in determining optional investment requirements such as composite fund structures, credit spin-offs, and wealth documentation.
  • Maintain favorable portfolio for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Evaluate and verify productivity summaries and research reports.
  • Supply reportage flexibility.

With Hongta Securities, you can rely on our solid expertise on asset administration to enable you to:

  • Evaluate your technology infrastructure and develop a legacy modernization road-map for your enterprise, with Hongta Securities aiding you with critical investment decisions as well as systems options and implementation.
  • Convert legacy systems and develop a compliant and responsive technology infrastructure with business workflow enhancements.
  • Take action promptly to process disruptions and determine exceptions prior to executing straight through integration.
  • Administer shared client databases and productivity metrics with improved workflow.
  • Deal with regulatory requirements by developing compliance controls and incorporating fair valuation procedures into portfolio valuation.
  • Move portfolio data to incorporate acquired portfolios and create a seamless business operational landscape.
  • Encourage procedural efficiency with active and tailor-fit enterprise documentation.
  • Decrease operational expenses by restructuring fund accounting, fund administration and investor services procedures, with Hongta Securities helping you lessen cyclical workload and enhance operational efficiency.

Time to rethink how you do your business, we can help you take on the challenge of bringing your enterprise to the next level.

Contact us today and discuss your opportunities with a Hongta Securities advisor. We aim at adding significant value by helping your enterprise make informed decisions focused on reaching your goals.