Investment Banking

Hongta Securities provides investment banking services to promising and growth market enterprises, specializing in augmenting equity and debt capital and in carrying out acquisition, divestiture, and financial transactions for clients.

Our strategic investing methodology leverages on Hongta Securities key businesses growth strategy consultancy and corporate finance optimization to implement tailor-fit business and investments advisory and asset management services. While most investment firms focus entirely on corporate finance solutions, they fall short of the provisions for strategic direction that new and promising, and growth market enterprises require.

Hongta Securities, part of its unique offering, provides clients more than a decade of strategic management consulting and investment expertise, extending its advisory specialization on financial strategies.

Our investment banking solutions provide you with premium services such as:

  • Access to business insight when needed as you partner with a company that has consulted with a multitude of companies across industries at all phases of growth and with all aspects of operations.
  • Regular tracking of growing firms and performing industries.
  • Consultancy that is beyond assessing corporate finance, enabling you to reach targets and outperform your competition at any economic climate.

Hongta Securities has created and implemented end-to-end business strategies, strategic plans, and reviewed the viable landscape in various industries.

Hongta Securities has been instrumental in creating and building successful enterprises and has eradicated, if not resolved, many of the common hindrances faced by companies on a day-to-day basis.

At Hongta Securities, we leverage our broad hands-on, practical enterprise experience and know-how to provide strategic insight into each financial engagement. While assessing the valuation factors for your enterprise, we provide you with strategic direction for enhancing your business operations and market reach in order to optimize your productivity.

Through the end-to-end investment banking approach of Hongta Securities, we can help your business maximize its enterprise value by looking for various ways of successfully completing each engagement.

Because of the premium client support we provide, we are typically considered the extension of clients’ own internal team in many of their dealings. This unique approach to investing comprises extensive market research within the industry and economic landscape, a thorough research on investment activities, requirements and data, linking and liaison with prospective investors, and strategic partnerships and support in negotiating, structuring and completing financial engagements.

With the increasing market demands and changing economic climate, you need to take on the challenge of bringing your business to the next level.

Contact us today and discuss your opportunities with a Hongta Securities advisor. We aim at adding significant value by helping your enterprise make informed decisions focused on reaching your goals.